Julian Hölscher
born in 1982 in Gifhorn / Germany

freelance graphic and motion designer / art director
senior art director at URBANSCREEN
tutor – design education at the Hochschule Bremen / Medieninformatik departement



Julian Hölscher’s work emerges from the interplay between the fields of technology and audiovisual communication. His competence lies in determining the core of a matter and translating it into a visual appearance. Julian Hölscher develops concepts for cross-media installations and shapes precise corporate design applications – always with a keen sense for the respective context. Projects are often accomplished, with his network of partners and interdisciplinary professionals.
Julian Hölscher draws from years of experience in object-, graphic-, and motion-design while always remaining curious to find new contemporary aesthetics. His craft is the art of storytelling. These narratives consist of time, sound and images that are woven into a dramaturgy or decoded into a visual identity.



2020 – ART DIRECTORS CLUB GERMANY 2020 | Gold | for the production Finsterwald
role: art direction

2019 – DDC Design Award | Bronze | Finsterwald
role: art direction

2018 – German Design Award | Gold | Klubhaus St. Pauli
role: art direction for the video content

2017 – Deutscher Lichtdesign Preis | Categorie Inszenierungen | Klubhaus St. Pauli
role: art direction for the video content

2016 MAB16 Media Architecture Award | Money Architecture |Klubhaus St. Pauli
role: art direction for the video content

2015 – VICE magazine induced a creators project video documentation about 320° Licht
role: art direction

2015 – 320° LICHT – A Spatial Experience | German Lighting Design Prize 2015 in the category Light Art.
role: art direction


professional career

2010 – 2020 Julian Hölscher | visual communication & direction

2012 – 2020 art direction at URBANSCREEN

2006 – 2012 diploma in design, at the universety of the Arts Bremen

2006 – 2010 graphic designer at De Silva, Das & Partner


teaching assignments / lectures

2018 – 2021 Hochschule Bremen / weekly design classes

2019 – 2019 lecture and tutorship at Recontres Audiovisuelles, Lille, France / Video Mapping Workshop

2019 – 2019 lecture at the Video Mapping Festival 2019 / Recontres Audiovisuelles, Lille, France / human resource management

2019 – 2019 lecture at the Hochschule Bremerhaven / professional development

2018 – 2018 lecture and tutorship at Recontres Audiovisuelles, Lille, France / Video Mapping Workshop

2018 – 2018 speaker at the the round table / Video Mapping Festival 2018 / Recontres Audiovisuelles, Lille, France

2014 – 2016 tutorship at the Hochschule Bremen – School of Architecture Bremen / Photoshop & Illustrator

2015 – 2015 workshop at the macromedia akademie Hamburg / Klubhaus ST. Pauli – media facade / tutorship

2012 – 2012 University of the Arts Bremen / “LeibEigenschaften” – exhibition design / tutorship along with Prof. Roland Lambrette



Julian Hölscher (born in 1982 in Gifhorn, Germany) graduated his diploma in design, at the University of the Arts Bremen. He began his professional career in a design company and continued his work as a freelance graphic and motion designer. In 2012 Julian joined the artists’ collective URBANSCREEN as an art director. His work encompasses precise corporate design applications, large-scale video mappings, augmented sculptures and media façade designs. He has been realizing numerous international projects such as CENTENNIAL SPECTACLE (2012, Houston, USA), 320° LICHT (2013, Oberhausen, Germany) and PRESENT TENSE (2017, Luxembourg) among others.