Apparatus | Fusion Festival 2014

Audiovisual installation for the main hangar stage on the Fusion Festival 2014.

The shapes of the sculpture are mounted in front of the hangar. In combination with the projected light, the sculpture transforms the hangar into a visionary cosmos of poetic images.

my function:

  • art direction
  • object design
  • 3d design & animation
  • documentation & editing

all credits:

  • concept art & object design: Julian Hölscher
  • 3d design & animation: Julian Hölscher, Moriz Horn
  • 3d supervision: Moriz Horn
  • sound design: Jonas Wiese
  • coordination: Jonas Wiese
  • technical director: Frank Wagner
  • support: URBANSCREEN
  • documentation: Jonas Wiese, Julian Hölscher
  • edit: Julian Hölscher
  • sound: Jonas Wiese
  • special thanks to: Carpenter & Fusion Crew