fusion festival 2013 | stage design

Design concept and installation for the main hangar stage at the Fusion Festival 2013

The shapes of the sculpture are mounted in front of the hangar. In combination with the projected light, the sculpture transforms the hangar into a visionary cosmos of poetic images.
The concerts could thus be accompanied by a huge VJ live show. After the last act the hangar was transformed into an audiovisual installation. Light and sound provided a continuous transformation of the scenery. The space in front of the hangar gathered the swarming people like a harbour. Many sat down in the sand and followed the entire 40-minute loop.

my function

  • concept & object design
  • visuals
  • VJ live sett
  • documentation

all credits

  • object design: Julian Hölscher
  • visuals: Julian Hölscher, Moriz Horn, Max Negrelli, Lorenz Pothast, Jonas Wiese
  • sound: Jonas Wiese
  • coordination: Jonas Wiese
  • VJ live sett: Joshuah Howard, Moriz Horn, Julian Hölscher, Max Negrelly, Jonas Wiese
  • technical director: Frank Wagner
  • documentation: Jonas Wiese, Julian Hölscher
  • cut: Jonas Wiese, Julian Hölscher