louminous logo | for Peek&Cloppenburg

Brand communication through the clever use of video projection mapping.

The fashion brand Peek&Cloppenburg was faced with the challenge of making its own VANGRAAF.COM online shop visible in its branch. Not so easy to communicate, as both have different names, which could easily confuse their customers.

Through the clever use of video projection mapping, we found a solution that makes the relationship between the two brands comprehensible to customers. The logo of the brand was integrated as a wall sculpture and then illuminated with video projection. The distinct animation succeeds in creating an emotional brand communication that is immediately and intuitively understood.
The leading umbrella brand Peek&Coppenburg always remains prominent and VANGRAAF.COM is recognised as a digital sales platform of the same umbrella brand.

my function:

  • art direction

all credits:

  • art direction: Julian Hölscher
  • production: URBANSCREEN
  • technical implementation: LYNX MEDIA SYSTEMS
  • camera: Lennart Liedtke
  • cut: Julian Hölscher