An attempt to translate the language of contemporary dance into a graphic expression and transfer it to the medium of film.

A dancer only needs his body to express himself. So my intention was to use as few graphic elements as possible. The video clip follows a formal principle: the image is repeatedly cut through and collaged. Thus the choreography is expanded through digital intervention. The biggest challenge was the planning of these interventions. Besides the dancers and the camera team, I worked closely with several musicians who composed the music for this project.


  • concept, art direction, production manager:
  • Julian Hölscher
  • dancer (THEATERBREMEN):
  • Angela Kecinski / Frank Könen / Frauke Scharf / Héloïse Fournir / Juna Ganghover / Mimi Jeong / Robert Przybyl / Ruth Conradi
  • camera:
  • Sven Kiesche
  • music:
  • Gerhard Geisig / Hanno Menting / Christian Hohenbild
  • studio:
  • David Oldenburg / Paul Schkade / Selin Portele