SLICES | Immersive Projection Installation

SLICES is a creative study on the capabilities of the next generation of video projectors and the aesthetics of advanced imaging technologies.

The installation has been developed for the ISE fair-booth of NEC. Five semi-translucent plexiglass panels have been arranged in a row, enabling the visitors to move around in between them and take different perspectives.

An accurately synchronized video loop is played back simultaneously by five individual projectors and creates the impression of a continuuos light impulse moving from one slice to the next.

The abstract graphic animations are inspired by and created for the technology they are projected with. By challenging its contrast values, resultion and shutterspeed, they illustrate the projector’s key qualities.

Commissioned by NEC for the ISE – Integrated Systems Europe 2017

my function:

  • art direction
  • object design

all credits:

  • Concept: Julian Hölscher, Majo Ussat
  • Art Direction: Julian Hölscher
  • Content Production: Julian Hölscher, Ana Romão
  • Project Manager: Majo Ussat
  • production: URBANSCREEN
  • Camera: Thorbjörn Geisler
  • Video edit: Jonas Wiese
  • Music: Jonas Wiese
  • Photos: Thorsten Bauer
  • Exhibition Construction: Dominik Hof (D’ART)