SMALL TALKS | Façade Projection / Goethe Institut Krakow 2016

SMALL TALKS was commissioned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Goethe Institut Krakow.

Inspired by the client’s field of work, the piece approaches the topic of language from a visual perspective.

In its very basic sense, language is a system of signs – before we can create, understand and exchange any kind of thought, we need to have a shared system in which articulation becomes possible. Focusing on the processes of language formation, translation and understanding, SMALL TALKS works with imaginary audiovisual alphabets that evolve from simple shapes and sounds into a complex and multilayered structure before the spectator’s eyes.


Premiere: May 18th, 2016
Commissioned by: Goethe Institut Krakow

my function:

  • art direction

all credits:

  • Art Direction: Till Botterweck, Julian Hölscher
  • 2D Animation: Ana Romão, Eike Buff, Lukas Neumann, Julian Hölscher
  • Computer Graphics Supervision: Thorbjörn Geisler
  • Sound Design: Janis E. Müller
  • Production Manager / Concept Consultant: Janna Schmidt
  • production: URBANSCREEN